Safety & Environment


We can only expect the best from our team when we communicate clear guidelines to them for safety and environmental issues, and ensure that the company as a whole works towards common goals. Our safety and environmental policies aim to focus us all on business practices that are responsible, legal and meet all best practice guidelines.

Health And Safety Policy

Safety is a fundamental aspect of all our business activities and we see it as an absolute essential to ensure that our employees, clients and the public are always protected against any unnecessary risks in our contract cleaning or building maintenance services.

Our ethos of best practice, excellent training, modern and well maintained equipment and strong supervisory and management support for operatives fully qualified and certified to do their job helps us hit high standards of health and safety on every project.

We carry out full risk assessments on every property and site we work on and maintain ongoing control methods such as near miss reporting and site audits with the aim always being zero incidents, working closely with clients and other contractors to ensure an all-in approach.

Environmental Policy

We recognise that every business has an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to minimise that and comply with all legislative guidelines creating an effective environmental management system. You can read our full environmental policy on the right hand side.

Texas Fresh Cleaning are concerned with the provision of Commercial Cleaning, Maintenance and Building Services along with other associated works.

The company is committed to managing environmental issues effectively and without compromise and as such is committed to:

  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation, client needs and requirements, and its own company standards
  • Identifying, assessing and monitoring any significant environmental impacts associated with its activities and ensuring that sufficient resources and control measures are in place to minimise those impacts
  • Thorough investigation of any incident that may occur
  • Continual measurement and improvement in its environmental performance
  • Monitoring and reducing the Company’s carbon footprint and its waste production
  • Continued communication with relevant government agencies to ensure that the company has at its disposal the most current and relevant information
  • The use of shared information and responsibility with customers, employees, and supply chain partners through consultation
  • The Company is committed to the success of this policy, it will be continually reviewed and updated from time to time as deemed appropriate